Saturday, January 18, 2020

Ever heard of the GSP&P?

In another one of my web-ramblings on the lookout for C&S/South Park stuff, I came across one heck of a group of live-steamers clearly borrowing from DSP&P and C&S heritage.  They run on the property of the Hillcrest Tree Farm in California on a tiny railway called the Hillcrest & Wahtoke RR.

Three of their engines are lettered for the Glenwood, South Park & Pacific.

Consolidation number 13, while modeled after a South Pacific Coast locomotive, is labeled for the GSP&P and carries a herald reminiscent of the C&S columbine logo.

Below is a video of GSP&P 13

Another engine on the roster is GSP&P #5, a mogul.

Here is a video of #5 in action.

The third locomotive labeled for the GSP&P is number 7, a Shay.  Is it me, or is that Jeff Badger, chief mechanical officer of the Georgetown Loop in the photo?

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