Saturday, December 22, 2018

A NEW C&S water tower?!

If you told me that a new C&S water tower was to be built in Como in 2019 (roughly 80 years after it came down), I would have politely chuckled at you. 

Believe it or not, I just saw on the South Park Rail Society's Facebook page the following picture and post: "The preliminary design work for the replica Como water tower is complete. We will be starting the permit process shortly. With luck construction could begin this summer."

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Changing Face of the East Portal of Alpine Tunnel

I have visited the east portal of the Alpine Tunnel a handful of times over the last nearly 3 decades.  Each time I notice that the rock around and above the portal are strikingly different.  My visit in 2018, though, showed the most dramatic changes of all.  I decided to compile various photos of the east portal from construction to the current time to show the changes that have taken place.

It is sad, knowing that we seem to have lost sight of the arch entirely at the east portal.  However, maybe some hardy soul will someday dig another hole and find it.

In the meantime, enjoy this video.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Replica of the Hancock Depot in Fairplay?

Back in 2003, when my wife and I drove through Fairplay, we passed what appeared to be a depot.  From the condition of the building, I surmised that it must be a recreation, albeit one that looked very much like a South Park depot.  It housed a business, a bank, if I recall.

Recently, I came across a photo of this structure online.  The website is titled Stourbridge Lion's Travel Log and is run by a couple named Darren and Lisa where they chronicle their railroad journeys through the world.

In one of their trips, they visit Colorado and include the following photo:


The caption given for this photo reads, "Our next stop is to get a photo of the Replica Depot in Fairplay, CO of the DSP&P (Handcock)."

I have no idea how they got the information that this was a replica specifically of the Hancock depot.  It certainly does look like it, though, as the following photo demonstrates.
The Narrow Gauge Circle

Does anyone know the background of this replica depot?

It appears that the replica depot was being used as a real estate office (this may have been true when I saw it in the early 2000s-I don't recall for sure the bank idea).

According to Rocky Mountain Dream Homes it "sold for $272,000 on Nov 2, 2018."  The description from this site is as follows: "Best commercial location in the heart of Fairplay - styled to look like an old train depot, complete with ticket office, covered porches and vaulted ceilings - brand new roof and wood floors in south side office. Lower level features a 3/4 bath, mini-kitchen, large open space and three storage rooms. Zoned Town Center possible new ventures include residence, commercial, etc. Parking on both sides of the building and the lot extends to the back alley. Could be sold as is, office furnishings."

Below are a few interior shots.  Many more can be found here.