Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving! A short 2019 C&S thankfulness list

In honor of Thanksgiving, I put together a small list of C&S-related items that I'm thankful for from 2019.  There are certainly more, but this is what I came up with in the few minutes before I head up to the kitchen to prep for our Thanksgiving guests today.

1. The discovery and acquisition of the only two C&S type 2 boxcars known to exist (found on a farm in western Colorado)

2. The arrival of two C&S Bettendorf freight car trucks from South Dakota that previously had been used on Type 2 stockcars

3. Every stall in the Como roundhouse (minus the office) now has track in it once again.

4. Arrival of the first diesel, a Plymouth, in Como

5. The first new DSP&P timetable in...a few years :)

6. Jason Midyette's restoration and donation of C&S boxcar 8027 to Como

7. The arrival of the first coach, RGS 256, to Como

8. A grant was received for the restoration of C&S gondola 4319 (in Como, on loan from Central City)

9. The C&S railway society's continued work on caboose 1006 in Silver Plume.

10. Two gondolas (Rio Grande) are now on display on the C&S right-of-way in Pine, Colorado (sorry, I don't have a photo of the second one)

11. Discovery of the exact sink needed for restoration of C&S caboose 1008, down to the cast lettering, at the Colorado Railroad Museum

Thank You, dear Father, for the C&S and the joy it brings to so many of us.  And thank You for all the hard work done by so many this past year!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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