Sunday, January 10, 2021

The Idaho Springs depot 1937-2003

The Idaho Springs depot served until the end of the Colorado & Southern narrow gauge in 1941.  Below is how she looked in 1937.
Richard B. Jackson photo from Ferrell's C&Sng book
13 years after the railroad was torn out, the August 1954 edition of Narrow Gauge News noted "C&S ex-Idaho Springs depot is now a gift shop."

About 9 years later, 1963, she looked like the photo below.  A fence has been added.  Also the door between the two end windows has been converted to another window.  The utility pole near the corner is now gone.  The raised freight platform appears to still be intact. The brick building (a hotel I believe) is still standing on the other end.
Kurt Maechner collection
At some point, the depot was moved and converted to a private residence.  According to this site, it is "located 3 miles up highway 103 from Idaho Springs."  It is on the road to Mt. Evans.  The photo below is from February 2002.
Jeff Christlieb photo

The photo below is from 2003
Bob Meckley photo

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