Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Truth about C&S 60

A while ago I wrote an article & blog post about the post-abandonment lives of the 5 remaining C&S locomotives.  In covering the history of No. 60 I shared that it had broken down in Idaho Springs and was subsequently donated.  Recently, in correspondence with the Colorado & Southern Railway Society, I have come to see that my information may have been incorrect on this.  Here is the society’s response when I asked about the veracity of the break-down story:

The story of 60 breaking down, we believe, is a popular myth. I say “believe” because we cannot say
absolutely that there is no truth to the story.  However, evidence from her service records, which we obtained from the CRRM [Colorado Railroad Museum] library, do not support the story.

The C&S mileage records for 60 show she received a complete overhaul in April of 1936. She ran for a year till mid 1937 when she was stored serviceable in Leadville from mid 1937-January 1939.

The records contain monthly inspection sheets filled out for every month of her layup and which state she was stored serviceable in Leadville.

In 1939 she operated for 6 months, being put in layup again in June 1939.

According to the mileage record she never ran again after that.

The story of the 'breakdown' seems to come from having one of her eccentric links disconnected.

We haven't determined why that is or when it was done.  However, all of our research seems to support that the idea of the breakdown is a myth.

From the records, and from physical inspection this far, 60 appears to be in excellent mechanical condition with only mild wear from her service time

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