Friday, June 25, 2021

Palisade Repair grant updates

 On June 24th, Justin Kearns sent an encouraging update on the Palisades repair project:

I'm happy to report some more updates on this effort! Firstly with respect to the previously announced

$90k grant for rock scaling, we are putting a RFP out now and meeting with perspective contractors in 3 weeks. This work will be awarded this year and completed next year - summer of 2022. After this is done it will be safe to commence repair work. 

With respect to new funding we have officially been awarded a $50k planning grant under the GAOA! This money will be awarded for FY22 and will pay for all of the remaining engineering and other planning work that needs to be completed before commencing the repair itself. We are also hopeful that this initial planning grant will precede a much larger implementation grant for FY23. We have targeted the GAOA as the potential largest source of funds for the Palisade repair so it's great to get some money coming from them. 

Additionally the NFF (National Forest Foundation) has received a $3M endowment from Polaris and we've been told this project will receive some of those funds. 

Finally we are still preparing our re-application for $200k to the SHF (State Historical Fund). The timing of this has changed a little with it being pushed back to August 1st instead of July 1st. I will let everyone know when the letter writing period opens for that important activity. 

Thanks everyone for your continued interest and support of this effort!

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