Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Como wye video

 While many are familiar with the turntable outside the roundhouse in Como, not as many are aware of the wye that existed outside of town.  As eastbound trains headed past the Como depot and the hotel, the mainline to Denver split from the line towards Boreas Pass and curved sharply (seemingly parallel, albeit a good distance from the Gunnison main).  Then, close to the present highway, the right-of-way curves again to head across South Park.  It is at this curve that the wye once existed.  It was originally know as the King Wye Branch-a branch leading to the King Coal mine.  

One talked-of plan of the track work in Como is to lay track all the way to the wye, all of which can be done without crossing the highway.

Below is a great video of drone footage following the line from the depot, out to the wye, and a little beyond.  

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